We only apply selected resources in producing our biochar. Thus, only high-quality wood chips are utilized and we entirely forego the application of wood clippings and residues from municipal garden care. We use pure hardwood and softwood from regional mixed forests with guaranteed traceability.

We use two carbonisation plants (P500) made by PYREG in Dörth to produce our biochar. The plants work according to the principle of dry carbonation. The raw material (untreated forest wood) is put into the twin-screw reactors via a metering device and is subsequently heated up to a temperature of approximately 500 to 700 °C under constant negative pressure of below 1 bar. In addition to biochar, synthesis gas is also produced in this way. The gas is entirely burnt at temperatures of up to 1250 °C in the plant’s FLOX burner. The warmth produced in this process can be used to heat the plant’s reactors and the excess energy can serve the predrying of the input material.

A glance at our production