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Selected resources for certified biochar
We only apply selected resources in producing our biochar. Thus, only high-quality wood chips are utilized and we entirely forego the application...

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One product, many possibilities
With our biochar products we focus on application in animal feeding, biogas and soil improvement, as well as industrial purposes. Biochar is highly versatile...

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Versatile and beneficial for health
Biochar is highly versatile. Whether it is applied as a soil improver in agriculture, gardening and landscaping, or in animal husbandry and biogas production…

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Reinhard Voßmann

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Carbonis GmbH & Co. KG

„Thanks to precise controlling and adjusting of several process parameters, our modern carbonisation plants for the first time allow for the reliable production of premium biochar without harmful by-products, which includes the production of feeding char.”


Feeding char


  • Generally improved state of health and care
  • Increase in feeding efficiency
  • Reduction of cell counts in milk
  • Increase in egg production and quality in poultry
  • Improvement in stable hygiene and odor pollution

(first effects can already be observed after 1 to 4 weeks following the first application of biochar)


Soil char


  • Substantially improves soil fertility
  • Increases retention capability in humus-poor and sandy soils
  • Loosens heavy and compressed soils
  • Stores up to 5 times its own weight in water including the nutrients dissolved therein
  • Offers an optimal habitat for microorganisms
  • Active contribution to climate protection